Turtle Survival Alliance Europe

TSA Europe is involved in handling trade confiscations, organizing cooperative breeding programs for select endangered chelonians, fund-raising, genetic research, providing captive husbandry consultation, and supporting field programs. The Muenster Allweter Zoo-based International Center for Conservation of Turtles (ICCT) is a model example of the type of special collaborations that are required to manage critically endangered turtles in captivity, and is emblematic of the spirit of cooperation that embodies TSA Europe. In fact the ICCT houses the most successful assurance colonies of endemic Chinese box turtles (Cuora), some now either functionally extinct or completely unknown in nature.


TSA Europe is very proudly incorporated with TSA USA, affiliated with many European zoos and linked to organisations both trade and private. We currently have just over 70 registered members who help make our contribution of European work possible.

A main aim is to represent TSA with a strong European presence. Our target is to contribute new knowledge, enabling more
European research by offering small see grants to university students and scientists. Making new exciting research papers more readily available by aiding translations. Finally by engaging the Chelonian community to create an active movement.

Henk Zwartepoorte and Hans-Dieter Philippen knowledge of the Chelonian community brought great mile stones. With change brings news skills and direction in the digital age, encouraging some unique and exciting skilled European talent as well as a public and business sponsorship.

Awareness of a worthy mission has been spread and many projects have been funded and continue to be funded. TSA Europe will be collaboration with fellow organisation to deliver a Chelonian Conference in November at Colchester Zoo, UK. We thank everyone for their support and patience, during this time. Please watch this space for more news as it develops.