Presentation of the TSA Europe board

Chair: Eleanor Tirtasana Chubb

Vice-chairs: Kim Simmons and Didier Laurent

Advisor: Harry Rotmans

Eleanor has been involved in tortoise conservation and welfare for over 15 years. She has worked closely with Chelonia organisations in Europe, in development and project management. Eleanor was appointed as a key board member by Henk Zwartepoorte in 2012 and is current acting chair of TSA Europe. She is also the founder and chair of Tortoise Welfare UK. She works closely with tortoise rescue and rehabilitation programmes in the U.K. and has advanced knowledge of a wide variety of tortoise species and health cases. Eleanor also runs Chelonian consultation and education programmes, as well as lecturing and consulting internationally.

Kim’s love for Chelonia began at a very early age when a neighbour found a Hermann tortoise in their garden and passed it on to Kim to care for. This sparked a lifelong passion and led to over 45 years working with many species, participating in European breeding programmes and supporting in-situ conservation projects around the globe. Kim is partner and director of Linton Zoo in Cambridgeshire, England and was appointed as a TSA-Europe board member by Henk Zwartepoorte in early October 2016. Kim is keen to help build on the vital work needed to help preserve Chelonia species for future generations.

Didier is a lifelong turtle geek whose passion began at the age of 6 when he found a tortoise in his garden with his grandfather. These fascinating creatures have led Didier to achieve a HS Dip. in Aquariology and Terrariology, a MSc. in Zoology, a MA thesis about T.hermanni and many years of turtle husbandry.  For several years Didier’s aim has been to dedicate more time to conserving these wonderful reptiles. That is why Didier has worked closely with the European Studbook Foundation since 2007 and is now taking on the challenge of becoming a new TSA-Europe board member and vice-chair.

Harry is former board member Dutch Overkoepelend Orgaan Stamboeken (OOS) and current secretary European Studbook Foundation (ESF). He keeps and breed  turtles for over 62 years. He is the bible of the knownledge of european conservation of turtles and naturally our advisor.