The in 2005 founded conservation society ARCO (Amphibian and Reptile Conservation) is concerned with amphibian and reptile conservation and to collaborate with ARCO-Nepal reg. Soc., with universities, zoos and breeding partners. We accept, as far as possible, surplus stock of specimens with origin from mediterranean climate types like North-America, S-Europe, North- and South-Africa. or from any desert provenance of the world. Advice in maintenance and serious husbandry projects for keeping amphibians and reptiles in captivity is given to all members on request. Construction and maintenance of natural ponds or suitable habitat structures can be planned and realized. We accept animals from custom confiscation and other official partners as far as space and possibilities allow and a certain amount of “unwanted or out grown” animals. Furthermore, it is intended to function as a satellite breeding institution for circum-mediterranean terrapins and tortoises as well as to promote herpetological knowledge. Its main objective of activity is the support of a reptile conservation project to give a refuge for unwanted, confiscated, animals not belonging to the local autochthonous Spanish herpetofauna. The ARCO society is intended to arouse interest in the actual problems and the planned measures. Talks, events and publications will inform members, but also interested nonmembers and guests, on project development, progress of official and practical conservation measures. Seminars and guest lectures are intended to arouse interest in this field of knowledge. Conservation work and breeding has already started successfully but should still be intensified and widened in collaboration with local and international partners. ARCO welcomes all interested persons and, of course, new members. With your annual membership one can contribute for food and for maintenance of the husbandry or breeding station in an adequate mediterranean climate and habitat. The turtle conservation project needs a lot of idealism, engagement and recruitment of new members. It is a long-term enterprise with a great aim. Membership comprises free entrance, consultancy and advice for local habitat constructions. We can provide information for the conservation of your semi-natural pond life, husbandry and we might take your animals during periods of vacation or for good in case of patronage granted. We cannot accept any specimen not adopted under international regulations (CITES) or being against local laws. Become a member and you can contribute to saving private pet specimens not becoming a potential hazard to the local autochthonous fauna but as a member also contributing to the work of ARCO-Nepal reg.soc. ( Student programs or practical work can be realized mainly in spring till summer and even accommodation can be provided if so desired. You are welcome to become a member for a long term project and to contribute with idealism, ideas or only a mere economical membership or donation. Ponds, semi-natural terrestrial enclosures need proper and correct treatment and maintenance, food supply and others to find the animals in favorable condition. An annual membership is cheap but a necessary contribution to the work of ARCO. We are not charging any entrance fee but expect from nonmembers some donations from each visitor for the sake of our conservation, maintenance and education work.

The ARCO (Amphibian Reptile COnservation) Spain project in Tabernas is home to a number of freshwater turtles and tortoises. Some of them are endangered. The centre is also involved in confiscated tortoises from the north Africa region (Testudo graeca). Between October 23 and 28 TSA Europe guys Matthew Swallow, Andrew Lewis and Henk Zwartepoorte will do some adjustments on enclosures as well as some improvement. Especially for the winter period some species need shelter and also small tortoises need protection from predators like foxes, rats and marders. Building materials such as cement, sand, glas, bricks and plywood need to be bought locally. Financial means are limited. The TSA Europe is kindly request to donate to these building costs.
We thank you on behalf of the animals.
Henk Zwartepoorte, TSA Europe chair.

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