TSA Europe

Henk Zwarteporte is the chairman of TSA Europe which is an amalgamation of zoological institutions under the banner of European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) and reputable and collaborating private breeders under the European Studbook Foundation (ESF).

Crisis in the Philippines

Our message today is so urgent, and so important to the continued survival of a critically endangered species, that we are jointly requesting your help alongside our friends at the Turtle Conservancy, Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group, and the Turtle Conservation Fund.



The ARCO (Amphibian Reptile COnservation) Spain project in Tabernas is home to a number of freshwater turtles and tortoises. Some of them are endangered. The centre is also involved in confiscated tortoises from the north Africa region (Testudo graeca). Between October 23 and 28 TSA Europe guys Matthew Swallow, Andrew Lewis and Henk Zwartepoorte will do some adjustments on enclosures as well as some improvement. Especially for the winter period some species need shelter and also small tortoises need protection from predators like foxes, rats and marders. Building materials such as cement, sand, glas, bricks and plywood need to be bought locally. Financial means are limited. The TSA Europe is kindly request to donate to these building costs. We thank you on behalf of the animals. Henk Zwartepoorte, TSA Europe chair.

Funds needed for repairs

Turtle Survival Alliance Europe

TSA Europe is involved in handling trade confiscations, organizing cooperative breeding programs for select endangered chelonians, fund-raising, genetic research, providing captive husbandry consultation, and supporting field programs. The Muenster Allweter Zoo-based International Center for Conservation of Turtles (ICCT) is a model example of the type of special collaborations that are required to manage critically endangered turtles in captivity, and is emblematic of the spirit of cooperation that embodies TSA Europe. In fact the ICCT houses the most successful assurance colonies of endemic Chinese box turtles (Cuora), some now either functionally extinct or completely unknown in nature.

More TSA Europe info here: TSA.ORG - Europe

Hans Dieter Philippen obituary

The shock was great. May 9 this year very unexpected at the age of 58 our Turtle Survival Alliance Europe vice chair Hans Dieter Philippen passed away. Very peacefully in his sleep. May 13 he was cremated and May 21 his ashes were buried at the Bergerbos cemetery in the Netherlands.